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This abstract will be distributed to the whole class, and each student will be asked to submit at least 1 question or comment for each presenter by 4 PM on Wednesday of the talk.

Be sure to check the Honors Program deadlines for when this copy is due see Table 1 for Spring graduation, Table 2 for Fall graduation. Archival Copy This copy will be submitted after your defense and includes any changes requested by your defense committee but remember that your Honors designation is decided by your Honors defense committee based on your defense copy of thesis.

Final Thesis Defense Copy This copy should include any and all revisions you have made, as this is the copy that will determine your level of Honors. Biology the study of life b.

This copy must be velo-bound an inexpensive service provided by the Ink Spot, around five dollars. The digestive tract of an earthworm includes the following structures.

For more detailed descriptions of these sections, see below. Meristemic cells- The function of cambium. Be sure to highlight how your data provide some novel insight.

Final Exam Review Guide

The thesis should not be written in one sitting, but should be worked on over a longer period of time. Refer to all tables and figures in the text e. This section is a detailed description of how you performed your study and how you analyzed your results. Describes the pathway of food that travels downward in the plant.

Reading recently published papers will show you how phenomena are currently investigated, but be sure to expand your reading frame to include classic papers in your field, to understand how the scientific investigation has developed through the years.

What group of animals is characterized by an exoskeleton. Fundamental tissues- The function of sclerenchyma. Using past tense, include everything necessary to completely replicate your experiment, from the statistical program you used to analyze your results, to the brand of auditory speaker you may use, to the GPS coordinates of your study plot.

Your advisor may have some good suggestions, too. Vascular tissue- the function of phloem.

Do insects have antennae. It is a tRNA with an amino acids attached. Evolution change over time m. Protective cells on the outside of the plant. If you place a few drops of food coloring in a glass full of water, eventually all the water is colored. A scientist wants to know if Miracle Grow will increase the number of tomatoes on his tomato plants.

Cells and Cell Processes Ch 7 Topics: Previous Honors students recommend that you complete your defense before Spring Break for Spring graduationalthough you are free to schedule it any time before the Honors Program deadline.

Roundworms, Flatworms, Mollusks, Annelids, Arthropods 1. Some animals are asymmetrical, what are the two types of symmetry found in other animals and provide a sketch: What part of the cell is describe as selectively permeable.

Using past tense, succinctly report your results using text, figures, tables and schemes. Introduce the field that you are studying e. This is a brief, concise statement of the most important findings of your research and how they are immediately interesting to the audience.

The Introduction should be broader than it is in typical peer-reviewed empirical publications, and must be accessible to people who are not actively conducting research in this field, like your non-EBIO committee member and the members of the CU Honors council.

The codon and anticodons both consist of three RNA nucleotides in sequence. Gives ride to the bark and cork by mitosis. Rough ER Section C:. Chapter 2 Study Guide ; Chapter 3 STUDY GUIDE; Chapter 4 Study Guide ; Chapter 5 Study Guide ; Chapter 6 Study Guide ; Chapter 7 Study Guide ; Biology Honors Study Guides; Biology Honors Exam Highlights; Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA Phone.

Honors Biology – Semester 1. Over the course of the first semester, I will try to make available all documents for student use.

Final Exam Review Guide

The documents are grouped by Unit and Section in the order they were covered. Most of the documents will be available as PDFs. Unit 3 Study Guide – PDF – Key – Unit 3. Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Biology.

Quia - Biology Home FAQ About Log in. Study Holt McDougal Biology discussion and chapter questions and find Holt McDougal Biology study guide questions and answers.

Study Guide – Cells Name:_____ Part I. Multiple choice. Select the best answer for each question below. __B_ 1. The structure that surrounds the cell and regulates which particles may enter or leave the cell is called the.

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