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Greater Trochanter — a bony prominence on the proximal lateral side of the thigh, just below the hip joint. In addition, I will give you a few practice exams questions to help you become more familiar with the type of questions you are likely to see on the exam.

Infection — the abnormal invasion of a host or host tissues by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites, with or without signs or symptoms of disease.

This delayed reaction is the result of one or more unresolved issues concerning the incident that might have been alleviated with the use of critical incident stress management.

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Adequate versus Abnormal Breathing There are several factors to consider when determining adequate breathing. Be aware that a very slight overbend is desired as the conduit will flex back very slightly when the bender is removed; the weight of the bender is adding a small amount of bend just by being there.

Respiratory rate should be assessed to determine if it is abnormally high or low.

Emergency medical technician

There is a systematic way to go about accessing your patient, but this can also be dynamic. Some states allow ambulance crews to contain a mix of crews levels e. DNR Do Not Resuscitate Orders — written documentation giving permission to medical personnel not to attempt resuscitation in the event of cardiac arrest.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing CISD — a confidential group discussion of a severely stressful incident that usually occurs within hours of the incident.

Oxygen is received through inhalation and carbon dioxide is removed through exhalation. Lumbar Vertebrae — the five vertebrae of the lumbar spine. Oxygenation can be disrupted due to various physiological states, as well as being at high altitudes and in places where the percentage of oxygen in the air is decreased, such as a confined space.

Communicable Disease —any disease that can be spread from person to person, or animal to person. Make sure you take the time to learn them. Esophagus — a collapsible tube that extends from the pharynx to the stomach; contractions of the muscle in the wall of the esophagus propel food and liquids through it to the stomach.

Expressed Consent — a type of consent in which a patient gives express authorization for provision of care of transport. Deep — further inside the body and away from the skin.

Metabolism — the sum of all the physical and chemical processes of living organisms; the process by which energy is made available for the uses of the organism. Based on those levels, the nervous system sends signals to the respiratory centers in the brain to change the respiratory rate or depth of breathing.

Anterior — the front surface of the body; the side facing you in the standard anatomic position. Measure exactly how far the conduit needs to jog, making sure that the thickness of the conduit is considered.

Mandible — bone of the lower jaw. Dealing with trauma requires a great deal of knowledge of medical terms and specialized procedures. Typically, paramedics will be responsible for some on-site care and then transport the patient to a hospital.

Putrefaction — decomposition of body tissues. Repeat the actual bending process to produce a second, identical bend. Fascia — a sheet or band of tough fibrous connective tissues; lies deep under the skin and forms an outer layer for the muscles.

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EMT practice tests are an effective way to study for your NREMT exams. Our free EMT practice sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the actual EMT test, and then concentrate on the areas you need to work on.

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Emt study guide
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